Dental Fillings Nixa, MO

Dental fillings typically used to restore tooth cavities, but can be also used to repair broken, cracked or worn teeth. Nixa family dentists Dr. Tyler Bare and Dr. Jacob McLauchlin often recommend composite resin fillings, also called “white fillings”, for restorations that blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

Our dentists in Nixa can replace old, dark fillings with a tooth colored resin filling to improve the appearance of your smile and repair a leaking filling that can lead to further tooth damage.

Dental Fillings: What to Expect

The exact procedure for your tooth filling may vary based on the size, location and type of tooth filling. Some small fillings can be completed with minimal preparation to the tooth and do not require an anesthetic.

First, our dental care team will prepare the tooth by removing any existing fillings and creating a stable foundation for the new filling. Resin fillings can be complete in one visit. Dr. McLauchlin or Dr. Bare will place the composite resin on the tooth and cure it with a special light.


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