Root Canal Therapy Could Save Your Natural Teeth

Oral cancer awareness, Nixa, MORoot canal therapy has gotten a bad reputation over the years. Often perceived as a painful procedure, some patients will avoid visiting the dentist when they are experiencing severe tooth aches or prolonged tooth sensitivity. Nixa, MO MAC Dental office wants patients to know that many patients report root canals to be no more painful than a regular dental filling. Root Canals can not only potentially offer instant relief from tooth pain, but can help you build a healthy oral foundation.

Root Canals Explained

Root canal infections occur when the pulp inside your tooth becomes diseased or begins to decay. Root canal decay can be extremely painful and will deteriorate your overall oral health. The pulp inside your tooth may get infected due to a crack in your tooth or advanced tooth decay. It is important always seek the help of a professional dentist for any dental concern to avoid the development of complex dental problems.

The root canal treatment procedure beings with Dr. McLauchlin drilling a small hole into your tooth. He will then scrape out the inflamed and diseased pulp leaving your tooth hollow and infection free. Dr. McLauchlin will seal your tooth to avoid further deterioration. In many cases, Dr. McLauchlin will use a restorative dental crown for added structural support.

After a comprehensive oral exam, Dr. McLauchlin will help you build a dental treatment plan that will achieve your restorative dental goals and improve your oral health. Dr. McLauchlin understands the unique needs and anxieties of each patient. He will take the time to meet with you one-on-one to discuss the root canal procedure and how it will directly benefit your long term oral health

Nixa dentist office MAC Dental encourages patients to seek professional dental help to avoid the development of more complex dental concerns.Treating tooth decay and root canal infections in a timely manner can increase the chances of being able to preserve your natural tooth. Family dentist Dr. McLauchlin offers conservative dental care with skilled expertise. Dr. McLauchlin strives to preserve as much of your natural smile as possible. Preserving your teeth helps build a stronger oral foundation, and saves you time and money.

Here at MAC dental we understand that advanced dental treatments can be an intimidating diagnosis for some patients. Our dental care team will work diligently to ease your fears and offers you a safe and relaxing atmosphere. Root Canals may be performed in the comfort of our Nxia dentist office. Schedule a consultation with Dr. McLauchlin today, or contact our office.


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