3 Reasons Why You Should Restore Your Smile

Composite resin fillings

Have you considered restorative or cosmetic dental procedures, but hesitated because it didn’t seem important? You don’t have to live with overcrowded, crooked, chipped, or even missing teeth. You might be surprised to learn that correcting cosmetic issues has benefits to your oral health.

Dr. Jacob McLauchlin is a Nixa, MO cosmetic dentist offering restorative treatments to help patients achieve healthy, functional, and beautiful smiles. Learn more about the important reasons to correct dental problems from our team below.

Ensure Your Teeth Wear Evenly

Teeth are aligned in the mouth in a very specific way, and if this alignment is off due to crooked or missing teeth, you might experience pain or even premature tooth decay. A common cause for excess tooth wear is an uneven bite, which could be the result of an overbite, underbite, a jaw injury, crooked or missing teeth, or even an uneven crown.

Excess tooth wear can lead to several more serious dental health concerns because teeth can be worn down to the more sensitive layers beneath the enamel, called the dentin, and dentin erodes even faster than enamel once it’s exposed. As dentin is exposed, teeth become even more sensitive and even painful. If left untreated, a person’s teeth can be worn down to their stumps, meaning that bridges, crowns, root canals, implants and even dentures may be necessary to remedy the problem.

Improve Overall Health

Gum disease is linked to overall health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s. An uneven bite, fractured or overcrowded teeth, or even missing teeth can lead to gum disease simply due to the fact that they are more difficult to clean. Correcting what seems like a cosmetic problem can actually keep your body healthy.

Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

Crooked or overcrowded teeth are more difficult to clean, so straightening them offers real benefits to your oral health. Naturally-occurring oral bacteria constantly build up on the teeth to form plaque, which is normally removed by brushing and flossing. But if your teeth are overcrowded or crooked, you may not be able to clean them properly. If plaque is left on teeth, it begins eroding tooth enamel, leading to tartar buildup and eventually cavities and tooth decay.

Overcrowded or crooked teeth may be a sign of deeper problems beneath the gums. Teeth can shift in your mouth and may become overcrowded if there’s no room for them to go. When teeth have moved too close together, they can crack or fracture. This crowding of your teeth can bring on pain and, if left untreated, eventually infection. Gum disease is linked to systemic health problems such as psoriasis, Alzheimer’s disease, erectile dysfunction, and heart disease.

Improve Your Smile in Nixa, MO

Dr. McLauchlin offers many different types of conservative, effective treatments to fit your needs. A healthy smile is an important part of your daily quality of life and cosmetic dentistry can help you keep your natural teeth looking and feeling their best for as long as possible. Schedule an appointment with our team today!


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