3 Tips For Improved Dental Health

Dental Health TipsAs your experienced dentist in Nixa, MO, Dr. Jacob McLauchlin is committed to the long term health, comfort, and beauty of your natural smile. From routine dental cleanings and exams to advanced treatment and procedures to address damaged or missing teeth, MAC Dental is here to help you maintain and restore your smile. Here are our three best tips to achieve improved dental health:

Evaluate Your Diet

Your teeth take the brunt of your dietary choices. This is why your diet plays such a big role in your overall oral health and wellness. When you eat a diet composed of too many sugary or starchy foods, this takes a heavy toll on your smile. Sugary and starchy foods often breakdown into sticky residues that cling to your dental structures. If allowed to harden into plaque and tartar, these residues can cause serious damages to your teeth, gums, and jawbone. It’s important to be aware of what foods and beverages you are consuming and how often you are consuming them. Some substances are notorious for being tough on your teeth including gummy candies, potato chips, and soda. Consider incorporating more smile-friendly snacks into your diet like fruit smoothies, yogurt, or string cheese.

Brush & Floss Regularly

Brushing and flossing are your smile’s main lines of defense when it comes to preventing costly dental concerns. By brushing and flossing at least twice a day, you are limiting the amount of food residue and bacteria on your dental structures. Additionally, you can rinse your mouth with water or chew sugar-free gum between meals to reduce bacteria that can cause tooth decay. We encourage our patients to prioritize their at-home oral hygiene routine. While some days are busier and more stressful than others, it’s important to always take the time to brush and floss. Not only will your smile be more beautiful and healthier because of it but also you will feel more confident and therefore be more likely to succeed professionally and personally.

Address Dental Concerns ASAP

Minor dental concerns can quickly develop into major threats to your dental health if left untreated. Unlike some medical issues which might go away on their own, dental concerns often do not. This is why we encourage patients to contact their dentist as soon as they notice something is off about their smiles. The sooner we are able to address your dental concerns, the more likely we will be able to utilize conservative treatment options over more expensive restorative care. If you notice something is off about your smile, know that MAC Dental is here for you. We offer advanced treatment options for patients with minor or complex dental concerns. Whether you are searching for a new dentist in Nixa, a second opinion, or a dental home for the long-term care and maintenance of your smile we look forward to meeting you and addressing your needs with personalized care. Please schedule an appointment online, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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