3 Not-So-Fun Facts About Snoring

Treatment for Loud snoring in NIXA MOMany of our patients snore or know someone who snores very loudly while they sleep. Loud snoring is often a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea which is caused by an excess of soft tissue which interferes with your breathing patterns as you sleep. While snoring is an extremely common dental concern, few people are aware of these not-s0-fun facts about snoring:

1. Snoring is common, not normal.

While snoring is an extremely common dental concern, it should not be overlooked as normal. Many patients think of their snoring as a normal part of life when in reality it is a valid health concern that should be evaluated by a health professional. Often, with obstructive sleep apnea, your dentist can help you reduce your snoring. At MAC Dental, Dr. McLauchlin will work with you to coordinate a sleep study that will be evaluated by a certified sleep physician.  If oral appliance therapy is considered the right option for your obstructive sleep apnea needs, Dr. McLauchlin will work with you to evaluate your airway and design a custom-fit appliance to be worn at night. This appliance is similar to a mouthguard, and is much less bulky than a traditional CPAP machine, making it more travel friendly and easier to maintain usage on a daily basis.

2. You aren’t sleeping soundly if you snore.

Some patients may mistake their snoring as a sign that they are enjoying a deep, restful sleep. However, your health and wellness depend on you maintaining a proper airway while you sleep. If you are snoring, this means that something is interfering with your airway and causing you to be unable to breathe. This is why many patients will wake themselves up throughout the night if they snore. Not only are the snores loud but they are also a shock to your system as you struggle to inhale and exhale smoothly. Even if you are only waking up for a brief second, this is still an interruption to your sleep cycle and worth seeking treatment to prevent the health risks associated with not achieving a good night’s rest.

3. Snoring affects your relationships.

Many patients are unaware that they have been snoring in their sleep unless their roommate or sleep partner tells them. This means that their snores are not only affecting them and their sleep cycle but also their partners. Over time, constant snoring patterns can cause strain on your relationships and may build up resentment between you and your partner. It doesn’t help that a common symptom of sleep apnea is moodiness and irritability caused by a lack of restful sleep.  Because of the strain that loud snoring places on you and your close relationships, we encourage you to schedule a sleep apnea consultation sooner rather than later. Our doctors are trained on providing help to patients suffering from sleep apnea and we look forward to helping you conquer this dental concern.


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